5 essential tools to maintain your garden


Owning a garden or vegetable patch requires more or less work. Whether you’re a budding gardener or an expert, there are some tools that are essential to maintaining a garden. In fact, the land needs work, cutting plants, mowing grass, etc. Whether it’s cleaning your garden or maintaining your plants, here are 5 essential tools to maintain your garden.

1) Fork a spade

The small spade leaves more and more room for the spade fork. In fact, this causes Less damage at ground level. This tool consists of a long wooden or PVC handle and at the end of an iron fork generally with 4 teeth. The advantage is that it easily penetrates heavy soils for deep work.

This spade thorn causes less damage than the spade, because it is less severe and does not interfere with the microbiological life of the soil. Earthworms are often affected by the sharp side of a spade.

In addition to plowing the soil, the spade fork is used weed extract or other wild lumps. You can also divide bulbous plants and plow the soil around trees and shrubs without damaging the roots.

Fork spade
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2) mower

A mower is essential when you want it maintain your garden. There are dozens of different models, it is up to you to choose according to the characteristics of the plot to be cut. The motor, electric motor, combustion engine or operating mode must be taken into account. But mowing the lawn remains a real chore for some. To fill this, you can invest The robot lawn mower. This one will manage your garden maintenance in complete independence. Again, there are dozens of models, but all you have to do is adjust the configuration and size of your garden plot. Remember, the grass is preserved From the beginning of spring !

3) hashish

A weeder is used to remove weeds from the ground, which is quite different from hoeing although the technology is similar. The shovel removes surface weeds and Thus, avoid the use of herbicides. It breaks hard ground more easily as well as hard blocks.

Weeding is an ancient technique that is back in fashion at a time when we are becoming familiar with Dangers of chemical herbicides. This will allow your plants to thrive better while preventing weeds from interfering with each other.

4) hoe

Unlike a spade fork, a shovel is an accessory with a short handle. At the end we find an iron plate about 15-20 cm long. The hoe is used to hoe the garden. This word dates back to the Middle Ages, and means “to do twice.” So if you only pimp once to weed, that means weed. hoeing is used for Loosen the soil again ! Hopping is primarily to aerate the surface layer of the earth to allow plants to breathe better.

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5) scissors

Pruners are one of the essentials of gardening If you have shrubs, trees or plants that need careful pruning. The pruner is also available in different models. This will depend on the types of branches to be cut. Think well Maintain your pruner By thinking of the “three elements”: cleaning, unblocking, and purging.


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