Garden hygrometer: how does it work and how is it used?


To ensure good plant growth, the gardener must combine certain environmental factors. It should be placed in a suitable place with light and good soil, but also with optimal air humidity. For most plants that are water- and moisture-intensive (mostly tropical species), a hygrometer can be used to be sure. This is an object that measures the percentage of moisture present in the air. This is called hygrometry.

What is a hygrometer?

A hygrometer records the rate of water vapor in the air of its environment. The reading is displayed as a percentage. If this happens less than 35%this is considered a dry place. to meabove 75%, It’s about humid environment. What is between these extremes is optimal for good plant development.

There are many types of hygrometers with positive or minus values Flour and delay updating the value more quickly or more. The three most common types are:

  • Digital Hygrometer: It is electronic and easy to read thanks to its LCD screen. However, it will be less reliable in dry places.
  • Analog hygrometer: Uses a hair or hair of natural origin that lengthens or shrinks depending on the humidity of the air. The value can be read using a dial with a needle.
  • Finally, there are specialized hygrometers for professionals that are more complex to use.

The first prices are about 10 euros.

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Use in the garden or at home

A hygrometer can be used in many rooms of the house. The basement is one of the special rooms. Ideally, the hygrometer value should be around 70%.

In the other rooms of the house, Humidity should not be more than 55%.. Indeed, with a higher value, you risk seeing mold formation on the walls and respiratory problems may appear.

If you have a veranda or greenhouse, the humidity should be between 40 and 75% depending on the season, with drier air in the winter and wetter air in the summer. In fact, the dry air of the winter will prevent the spread of mushroom on winter plants. In summer, moisture prevents plants from drying out.

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