How to choose the right greenhouse?


For any passionate gardener, a greenhouse is a must! It is used for sowing seeds early for sowing in the summer, for making cuttings and for growing plants that need a lot of heat. A greenhouse is also useful in the winter for some plants that cannot survive outside. There are also different styles of greenhouses to suit all budgets. To choose it well, two factors are especially important: the area you need and your budget, but not only. Here are some tips for choosing the right greenhouse.

The size of your greenhouse

There are greenhouses of different sizes. In general, the difference between the bands is 60 cm. It is better to start with a greenhouse with a width of at least 1.80 m. Beyond 2 meters, it is possible to add shelves on either side of your greenhouse. In addition, to allow the passage of light, the height of the eaves should not be less than 1.5 meters.

Most gardeners are looking for a large greenhouse, so it is best to choose a house that will be the largest and fit your garden as well as your budget.

the shape

There are three main forms of global warming:

  • Traditional: slanted and octagonal.
  • Modernity: it has new forms such as domes.
  • Sloping roofs: These greenhouses have the advantage of leaning against an existing wall. A south-facing wall is ideal, because the bricks retain the sun’s heat and allow it to be brought into your greenhouse even at night.

Choose octagonal or vaulted shapes if your space is inconvenient.

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Wooden or metal greenhouse

Aluminum is generally less expensive, requires little maintenance and comes in many different colors.

The wood from which the greenhouse is made is usually cedar. This structure is more aesthetic, but in return it requires more maintenance and is more expensive. It also makes it possible to maintain a more stable temperature and it is possible to sand it on the floor.

Which glass to choose?

Gardening glass allows light to pass through better. It is time-resistant, and can be easily replaced if it breaks down.

Tempered glass is more expensive, but it is the best option in high traffic areas, especially if you have children.

Polycarbonate is cheaper, does not break and the insulation is better. However, the light passes less and can slip out of its frame if the wind is too strong.


Ventilation is especially important in summer. In general, medium-sized greenhouses have two openings on the roof, but also on the sides. It is possible to invest in automated vents to improve air passage.


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