Thermal weeding machine: what is it and is it environmentally friendly?


Among the many herbicide solutions, the thermal weeding machine is one of the most ecological. It has the peculiarity of work, regardless of weather conditions. Sure, it’s a big cost to buy, but it would be prohibitive against the weeds that grow everywhere in the garden. So, are you ready for the leap?

Operation of thermal weeding machine

This high-temperature tool reaches directly cell transplantation and create as one heat shock. To do this, simply point it at the plants to be destroyed for 1-2 seconds.

Don’t worry, you won’t see the plants burn, but they will instantly dry right down to the roots. In some plants, such as couch grass or even dandelion, it will be necessary renewal Use herbicide after a fifteen days.

Choice and Efficiency

There are many thermal weeders that can be operated with gas, but also electric. These are in Gas Runs on butane or propane and cartridge can be used between 3 to 6 hours. The prices of this type of herbicide range between forty and one hundred euros.

As for the models ElectricianThey send hot air over 600 degrees Celsius. The main disadvantage compared to gas is the need to have an electrical outlet nearby in the garden. Prices are around 50-100 euros.

Let’s add that this thermal weed It will not pollute the earth Unlike pesticides and that these tools are not sensitive to the weather. So it can be used at any time of the year. Thermal weeding machine is increasingly being used by gardeners in the organic markets

It is still necessary to be aware of the dangers of fire and not to use it during periods of heat wave. This tool is especially useful for the young shoots of weeds that are difficult to eradicate, especially in cobbled paths Where the grass grows between each plank.

The disadvantage is inaccuracy, since a nozzle with a radius of about 3-5 cm will dry everything in its path. So it should be avoided in a massif, flower garden or vegetable patch.

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