What flowers to create a rustic atmosphere?


The Romantic Garden translates this picture of the English garden in scale, whether colorful or rustic. This style gives real charm to your exterior and has the advantage of being able to create many different spaces. Indeed, in your romantic garden you can for example create a relaxation area for eating or just for the pleasure of growing beautiful flowers. Here are some ideas for flowers to grow for a romantic atmosphere in your garden.

1) Falls of flowers

Climbing flowers are ideal for covering trellises, pergolas, walls or stair railings, for example. Their shape dangles from Beautiful waterfalls of flowers while leaving light between chrome. Here are some ideas:

  • wisteria rose
  • Josephine Jasmine Double
  • Blue wisteria on the leg
  • Jasmine Malin
Wisteria house entrance
Credits: iStock / Alena Kravchenko

2) scented flowers

How can you imagine a romantic garden without this Sweet floral fragrance Which float in the atmosphere? Here are some examples of gorgeous and fragrant flowers:

  • purple
  • lily of the valley
  • syringa
  • climbing rose
  • Read
Credits: Nadya So/iStock

3) Flowers with original flowers

Admire the scenery with the beautiful flowers that decorate your romantic garden. Feel free to plant different types and atypical flowers. Play with size by alternating between large and small flowers. You can also play around with colors with degraded colors for example. Here are some ideas:

  • reddish
  • peony
  • Philippines
  • cherry blossom
Credits: Malkovstock/iStock

4) in pink

If you like pink, know that the flowers of this color fit well in a romantic garden. The Dark pink to light pink Via fuchsia or pastel, you’ll find a variety of pink flowers that will satisfy your gardener’s heart. Romantic garden pinks are typically found in English gardens. These are some examples:

  • Peony Raspberry Sundae
  • victoria passion flower
  • tulip super sex
  • shrub rose
  • Astantia
  • Japanese camellia
  • veronique magic
Credits: ftanuki/Pixabay


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